Delivery Procedures


Documents received through the mail, whether registered items, Parcels or express items are delivered directly to the addressee.

In accordance with the Customs Act, [Cap 66] all non-document items must be collected at the post office and is subject to examination, forfeiture and seizure is such items contravenes the laws of Barbados and the addressee may be punished under the law. Subset 95 of the Customs Laws of Barbados states that postal packets are subject to the same regulations governing the importation of any other goods.

Prohibited and Dangerous items forwarded through the post are subject to confiscation.

Refusal or negligence in paying duties required under the law may result in the item being returned to the sender or forwarded to the Queen’s warehouse for disposal.

All duties and taxes collected by the Post are forwarded to the Comptroller of Customs.

Persons wishing to have their registered item collected on their behalf must give written authorisation, on the reverse side of the Delivery Notice [Advice of arrival]. Please note that the bearer is required to present identification as well as the identification of the addressee of the item.

Identification accepted by the post office are:

National identification card
Driver’s License or


Example of Authorisation:

John Smith is requesting Ms. Jenny Holder to collect his registered letter. How should the authorisation be given?